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PEMP (6613) A/C Climate Heat Controller LCD Touch Panel Interior Accessories For BMW F30 (2012-2019)

PEMP (6613) A/C Climate Heat Controller LCD Touch Panel Interior Accessories For BMW F30 (2012-2019)

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Dual 2.1 Inch lcd Screen
High resolution : 480x480

Dual drive independent control

How To Use The PEMP A/C LCD Panel
1. you can use the left and right slide to adjust the temperature, air volume, ambient light color; ambient light you can also click the corresponding color to adjust.

2. you can click on the touch screen to adjust the blowing mode, seat heating temperature size.

How To Turn On
You can turn it on by turning the knob to the right.

Diamond Knob
Easy operation with diamond pattern knob

Touch Key
All buttons are touch controlled

32 Colors Of Ambient Light
1. this control must be on when the vehicle lights are on for it to work.

2. you can control the color of the ambient lights via the LCD screen (only available for PEMP panel ambient lights).

3. you can also turn off the ambient lights.

How To Turn Off The Screen
1. When you turn the knob to the left to 0 airflow, the Screen will turn off automatically after 30 seconds when you do not operate any button or function on the A/C Panel.

2. In the main screen, you long press the middle touch position at the bottom right. It will turn off the screen immediately.

3. When you turn off the engine and don't operate any buttons for 30 seconds, it will shut down.

How To Update The Software
If you encounter any problem in using the product, you can follow these steps.

1. At the bottom right of the product, there is a reset hole, use a pin to push the reset button inside to get the product to restart.

2. If still can't solve your problem, you can update the product software. Please contact the after-sales service email address in the product manual to send the update software to you.


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