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PEMP (EVO) CarPlay Android auto Mirror Link MMI Box for BMW EVO F15 F20 F30 F48 G01 G11 G30

PEMP (EVO) CarPlay Android auto Mirror Link MMI Box for BMW EVO F15 F20 F30 F48 G01 G11 G30

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Built-in Wired and Wireless Carplay
Built-in Apple Carplay function, you can use the touch screen and OEM Knob control the menu of the carplay interface.

Built-in Wired Android Auto
Built-in Wered Android auto function, you can call on the android auto interface.

Built-in Morror Link Function
if you use the android phone, you should connect us get the morror link APP.

Setting of EVO Dial Switch
1. If your OEM screen is 6.5 inches, please set as A;

2. If your OEM screen is 8.8 inches switch of the dial code as B;

3. If your OEM screen is 10.25, you can set the switch as C;

How to get the sound of the MMI box

Connect The Oem Bluetooth With The Mmi Bluetooth At DC_AUDIO_BT...
1. You need use the OEM bluetooth to search PEMP mmi box's bluetooth transmitter: DC_AUDIO_BT... After successful connection, you will get the MMI box sound.

2. Using the OEM Microphone, you will get a clear call effect under Carplay or Android auto.

Select The Camera Type For BMW Carplay
You can set the OEM camera or after-market Camera:

Settig>Car setting>Reversing Camera> you can choose the oem camera or after-market camera

Setting The Camera On Your Manual Transmission Car
If your car was Manual Transmission, you should set the Camera reversing mode, then you can get the reversing video.


1.Settings>car setting>Reversing mode> pls select 12V Active

2 Connect the "Backup light 12v in" wire to the rear light power wire.

This CarPlay Box Only For BMW EVO System
This product is only suitable for BMW EVO system. There is a 6PIN LVDS at the back of the OEM screen. It does not support 6PIN NBT system. If you buy the wrong system, you will not be able to install it.

Special attention:

This product is only suitable for the original display screen, and it is not suitable for rear mounted display.

Product function

Support wireless Carplay and Android auto functions;

Support the wireless screen feeding function of Grasscarp mobile phone airplay;

The original vehicle information can be displayed normally by setting the 6.5/8.8/10.25 inch display screen of the original vehicle through the dial.

Support audio and video playback;

Support the original vehicle knob control and steering wheel key control;

Support for ahd 720p, 25/30 frame reversing camera input

Support CVBS format reverse camera input.


MMI Box for BMW EVO Installation Video

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